Festivities in Nerja, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

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Many are the festivities marked in red on the calendar in Nerja. The celebration of San Anton, carnival, Easter, St. John's night, and other important celebrations in this coastal area of southern Spain.

The festivities in Nerja are many, so chronologically we will offer you information on each one.

In January the celebration of San Anton falls on the 16,17th. This has been going on each year since the 17th century. This is in honor of the animals.
February is synomym with Carnival. They are usually celebrated in the end of this month or begining of March. The 28th of February is also a holiday in this locality as it Andalucia Day.

Easter in Nerja as in the rest of Andalusia is celebrated with a lot of anticipation and passion. It usually happens at the end of March or begining of April depending on the year. After Easter week come "Las Cruces de Mayo", which means the Crosses of May, which has been celebrate each year on the 3rd of May since the end of the 9th century.

In May they also honor Saint Isidor Labradore. This falls on the 15th of May, which makes way for the festivity of the Pilgrimage called La Romeria. This holiday is in honor of the field workers. Going on to the month of June, the celebration of Saint John is also lots of fun. It is on the night of the 23-24 of this month where they burn Juanillos which are paper mache dolls that represent certain political figures on the bonfires that are started on the beach. It is lots of fun to watch and participate.

In the summer one of the most important festivities in Nerja occurs. They are in honor of the Patron Saint for the fisherman, which is The Virgen of Carmen. It takes place on the 16h of july. In this same month even though sometimes it is moved into August, Nerja celebrates the Classical Music Concert in the Caves. Tchaikovski, Jose Carreras, Ainhoa Arteta, Monteserrat Caballe and even Queen Sofia of Spain have come to and/or particpated in this lovely event. The summer closes the festive calendar with a celebration of the Virgen of the Maravillas, this towns Patron Saint. They hold a fair where is celebrate on the second week of September. It is also called the festivity of the foreign resident. It is a festivity that has also moved into other localities such as Estepona, Marbella and Malaga, which the sole purpose of making the tourism feel welcome and right at home.

The major festivities in Nerja happen in the month of October, more precisely from the 8-12 of October in honor of the Virgen of the Angustias, or Saint Michael Archangel.


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